Falcons - Queen of Diamonds

Paying homage to the Ventures (as can be seen by the cover) and the Shadows here's Canada's Falcons. I love their laconic reverby style and what sounds like a 12 string guitar in the mix. There's a couple of bonus tracks as well including the sublime Shadowlands.

Thanks to Brandonio for sending me this album Link


Ventures - Beat Guitar Genius

Grumpy is sharing this fantastic Ventures album. I've got a lot of their stuff but this was a newy to me. One of the tunes sounds like reworked classic but reverbed up. As a commentator said in a forum I visited did the Ventures ever make a bad album? Definitely not I reckon. Recycled yep but so what. Go here for this goody.


Beyond the Beach

Another 19 instromental tracks for your enjoyment.


Smells Like Surf Spirit

Here's another spiffy surf compilation with modern surf bands featured. Surf Spirit.

Surf Twang from Down Under

Here's a repost from Sandy's Surfspot. This is a great album of Aussie surf instrumentals. Highly recommended for those who haven't grabbed it yet.

Surf Twang