Jack Scott - Rockin' Scott

You could get Jack's 5 CD Bear Family box set but that has lots of ballads and Gospel songs. I've trawled through the set and extracted the cream of his rockin' sides 40 tracks of pure gold.

The canuck rocker is renowned as a rock-a-billy star but to my ears he's more a country balladeer and if I may say so a slightly off key one. His rock sides are way better not really rock-a-billy more country rock but the more up tempo the better he sounds.

His later tracks for mine are his better work and he got more rockin the more into the sixties he got. My favourite track is no 27 where he takes Dylan's Rainy Day Women and turns it into a fine country rocker.


01. Greaseball
02. Baby She's Gone
03. Two Timin' Woman
04. I Never Felt Like This
05. Go Wild Little Sadie
06. Baby, Baby
07. Good Deal Lucille
08. Oh Little One
09. Cruel World
10. Window Shopping
11. I'm Satisfied With You
12. Cool Water
13. There's Trouble Brewing
14. Jingle Bell Slide
15. I Knew You First
16. Blue Skies (Moving In On Me)
17. Wiggle On Out
18. Flakey John
19. Tall Tales
20. The Road Keeps Winding
21. Looking For Linda
22. Geraldine
23. Midgie
24. The Way I Walk
25. Goodbye Baby
26. Billy Jack
27. Blues Stay Away From Me / Stones
28. Bo's Going To Jail
29. Country Witch
30. Patsy
31. True True Love
32. One Of These Days
33. Strange Desire
34. True, True Love
35. Sad Story
36. You Only See What You Wanna See
37. I Can't Hold Your Letters (In My Arms)
38. Cry Cry Cry
39. Grizzly Bear
40. Meo Myo



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. Can't wait to play it!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a good one. thanks eh

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Mario1947 said...

Great music but low quality...320 bit rate would sound so much better.

Mario1947 said...

Nice collection but the low bitrate doesn't do the songs justice. 320 would have been so much better.