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Helloween 1

Helloween 2

01. Messer Chups - Monster Forever
02. Satan's Pilgrims - Vampiro
03. The Ventures - The Swinging Creeper
04. Slacktone - Coffin Closer
05. Satan's Pilgrims -Haunted House of Rock
06. The Torpedoes - Batwing
07. The Special Agents - The Spectre Walks
08. The Bomboras - It Came from Pier 13 (Main Theme)
09. Speedball Jnr - Los Vampiros
10. Tremolo Beer Gut - Death Drome
11. Surf Trio - Wolfman
12. Gulag Tunes - Black Raven
13. The Apemen -Surf Dracula
14. The Torpedoes -The Mummy
15. Susan & The SurfTones - Ghost Rider in the Sky
16. Ultras - Death Tube
17. Surf Coasters - Boogie Man
18. Supertones - Paint It Black
19. Teisco Del Rey - The Hearse
20. Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks - Ghost Train
21. Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Fear Theme
22. Supersonicos - Deadly Mantis
23. Bambi Molestors - Invasion of the Reverb Snatchers
24. The Beat Tornados - Aloha From The Crypt
25. 85 Decibels - The Kraken
26. The Vivisectors - Ghost surfer
27. Ben Vaughn - (Psycho) End Title
28. Búfalos d'água - Monsters Theme
29. 3 Balls of Fire - Eight Miles Down
30. Aqualads - It came from the Sea
31. The Space Cossacks - Transylvanian Orbit
32. The Verbtones - Carnival of souls (Trip through the catacombs)

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Falcons - Queen of Diamonds

Paying homage to the Ventures (as can be seen by the cover) and the Shadows here's Canada's Falcons. I love their laconic reverby style and what sounds like a 12 string guitar in the mix. There's a couple of bonus tracks as well including the sublime Shadowlands.

Thanks to Brandonio for sending me this album Link


Ventures - Beat Guitar Genius

Grumpy is sharing this fantastic Ventures album. I've got a lot of their stuff but this was a newy to me. One of the tunes sounds like reworked classic but reverbed up. As a commentator said in a forum I visited did the Ventures ever make a bad album? Definitely not I reckon. Recycled yep but so what. Go here for this goody.


Beyond the Beach

Another 19 instromental tracks for your enjoyment.


Smells Like Surf Spirit

Here's another spiffy surf compilation with modern surf bands featured. Surf Spirit.

Surf Twang from Down Under

Here's a repost from Sandy's Surfspot. This is a great album of Aussie surf instrumentals. Highly recommended for those who haven't grabbed it yet.

Surf Twang


Aki Aleong & the Nobles

Here is a legendary album featuring Aki Aleong who produced the album and didn't do anything else and the Nobles a pretty good surf group who were known for a couple of classics such as Earthquake and Hiawatha. Well worth listening to if you haven't got it already.

Adrian & Sunsets go surfin

This was being shared by Frisian who runs a great site by the way but now here it is.


Al Casey - Surfin Hootenanny

Here's an album containing 35 tracks of the best of session guitarist extraordinaire Al Casey.

Al Casey was one fine studio musician. He worked as rhythm guitarist on many of Duane Eddy's biggest hits. It was the big guitar style he developed that Duane adopted. He also worked with Jody Reynolds, whose guitar instros were similar to Eddy's. His work with Duane was via producer/writer Lee Hazelwood, who also contracted him for this, his first solo album. Al was almost totally unfamiliar with surf when he agreed to do this album. There are some rough spots that demonstrate that, and a few numbers that are really outside the envelope if you subtract the reverb on his guitar. Sundazed has captured a couple of alternate takes, probably nineties remixes from session multi-tracks [3 or 4 tracks at best]. If you get past the Blossoms aka the K-C-Ettes ghastly vocalizing and the blues numbers, there are some real gems here. This is also the first time in stereo from the master tapes. The Stacy CD is from vinyl, or at least it sure sounds like it. (Phil Dirt Reverb Central).


The Alien Planet

The one that started it all. Well started something anyway. An unholy hybrid of electronica and instrumental music from the fevered imagination of legendary surf legend Sandy Groper himself. After a day surfing the beaches of France with the fearless members of the Surf Club de France rumoured to be the children of former resistance fighters and imbibing too much Swan Bitter and Absinthe (they were the legal ones anyway) Sandy came up with this concoction.

The Alien Planet

01. Jean Jacques Perrey - The Alien Planet
02. Nintendo Symphony Orchestra - Planet Corneria
03. Roger Roger & Nino Nardini - War Of The Planets
04. Marty Manning - Forbidden Planet
05. Jean Jacques Perrey - Music Of The Planets
06. Nik Raicevic - Blue Planet
07. Disco & Co - Silver Planet
08. Vincent Lopez - Swinging Planets
09. Louis And Bebe Barron - Main Title Forbidden Planet
10. Nintendo Symphony Orchestra - Planet Venom
11. Peter Thomas - Gods Form Strange Planets
12. Russ Garcia - Birth Of A Planet
13. Leonard Nimoy - A Visit To A Sad Planet
14. Frank Talley - Lonely Planet
15. Out Of This World - Interplanetary Journey
16. Jerry Goldsmith - Planet Of The Apes Main Title
17. Perrey-Kingsley - Carousel Of The Planets
18. Pierre Arvay - Le Planete Noire
19. Jerry Goldsmith - Escape From Planet Of The Apes Main Title
20. Joby Talbot - Planet Factory Floor
21. Delia Derbyshire - Planetarium
22. John Keating - Unknown Planet

The Beaches of Planet X

Here is the legendary compilation from Sandgroper's Surfspot.

All these tracks have planet in the title and three even feature Planet X.

From the surfy bongo sound of Fifty Foot Combo fresh from the beaches of Planet Belgium we also have some nice electronica courtesy of Kraftwerk and Orbital and even some groovy sitar work from the legendary Ananda Shankar.

So sit back turn your volume level to 11 and your reverb level to 13 and enjoy the Bitches err I mean Beaches of Planet X.

The Beaches of Planet X

01. Fifty Foot Combo - The Brain From Planet X.
02. Los Banditos - Fremder Planet
03. Kraftwerk - Planet Der Visionen
04. Orbital - Planet Of The Shapes
05. Los Straitjackets - Wrong Planet
06. Reventlos - Planet Reventlo
07. Chris Shahin - Water Planet
08. TCB Hit Squad - Beaches Of Planet X
09. Lemongrass - Planet Tears
10. Metalunas - Swingin Planet
11. Cusco - Seaplanet
12. Visit Venus - Planet O
13. Space Cossacks - Planet Of The Apes
14. Infrareds - Celluloid Planetoid
15. Ananda Shankar - Planet-X


The Sandals - Endless Summer

This is one of the original surf albums from the seminal surf movie the Endless Summer and it was a landmark instrumental album that sounds just as good today.

The Sandals have rerecorded this album and released a couple of other albums in the last few years and as good as they are nothing beats the original.

I can remember playing to death the original 45 of Endless Summer and the just as good flip side 6 Pack.

Another great track is Wild As the Sea.

I thought I'd never hear the original album again although I did manage to come by a couple of later albums.

Well thanks to the wonder of the internet I found this album some time ago and now here it is for everyone to listen to. Thanks to the original uploader who's identity I've forgotten.

Endless Summer


Atlantics - Best Of

01 - War Of The Worlds
02 - Bombora
03 - Express To Bagdad
04 - Adventures In Paradise
05 - Glassy Walls
06 - The Crusher
07 - Tequilla Stomp
08 - Goldfinger
09 - Stompede
10 - Arabian Surf
11 - Flight Of The Surf Guitar
12 - Thunder Downunder

This is a compilation of some of my favourite tracks by my favourite Aussie surf group and featured on my old web site. There's a selection of their early stuff and a couple of more recent tracks which are much more reverby and heavy. They are still going and a visit to their website is very worthwhile. They've got 2 or 3 cds out which can be ordered from their website and its top drawer stuff.



Hombres - Let It All Hang Out

Here is the Hombres almost impossible to get single LP Let It All Hang Out. The title track of course is a great one hit wonder from 1967 featured in a few films the latest being Elizabethtown.

Some good tracks including a version of Gloria with 8 Miles High suddenly appearing half way through, you can also see where they got the chord progression for Let It All Hang Out. So remember, water drippin' up the spout but I don't care let it all hang out

Thanks to Bill for the higher bit rate copy.

Hombres - Let It All Hang Out 1967

01 - Let It All Hang Out
02 - Little 2+2
03 - So Sad
04 - Gloria
05 - Am I High
06 - Mau Mau Mau
07 - This Little Girl
08 - Sorry 'Bout That
09 - Ya Ya
10 - Hey Little Girl
11 - Its a Gass