Sandy Nelson - Rock n Roll Drum Beat

01. - Sandy Nelson / Day Train
02. - Sandy Nelson / Slippin' And Slidin'
03. - Sandy Nelson / Willie And The Hand Jive
04. - Sandy Nelson / All Night Long
05. - Sandy Nelson / My Girl Josephine
06. - Sandy Nelson / All Shook Up
07. - Sandy Nelson / Sandy
08. - Sandy Nelson / Alexis
09. - Sandy Nelson / Let's Go
10. - Sandy Nelson / The City
11. - Sandy Nelson / Linda Lu
12. - Sandy Nelson / Bullfrog
13. - Sandy Nelson / Bony Maronie
14. - Sandy Nelson / Tough Beat
15. - Sandy Nelson / Yakety Yak
16. - Sandy Nelson / La Bamba Bossa Nova
17. - Sandy Nelson / Jivin' Around
18. - Sandy Nelson / Don't Be Cruel
19. - Sandy Nelson / The Flip
20. - Sandy Nelson / Be-Bop Baby
21. - Sandy Nelson / Live It Up
22. - Sandy Nelson / Dumplin's
23. - Sandy Nelson / Wiggle Wobble
24. - Sandy Nelson / Limbo Rock
25. - Sandy Nelson / School Days
26. - Sandy Nelson / In The Mood
27. - Sandy Nelson / Charlie Brown
28. - Sandy Nelson / My Wife Can't Cook
29. - Sandy Nelson / I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday
30. - Sandy Nelson / Let There Be Drums

Here's the best compilation of Sandy's stuff I could find in fact the only one. His stuff isn't easy to come by as I found when I looked for some more recent compilations. This is superbly recorded and mastered by Ace Records albeit at only 128k but it still sounds pretty impressive.

I can hear echos of big band drumming in Sandy's work and he's ably assisted by such studio luminaries as Richie Podolar and Plas Johnson amongst others. No hits like Teen Beat on this but everyone's got those anyway, just more interesting and obscure stuff you caint find anywhere else folks.



Anonymous said...

Yikes, the bitrate of this is very low quality. Could it be shared at CD quality bitrate, using Lame encoder. People who know about bitrates will probably not want to add this to their collection. Are all the files here of low quality. Perhaps you could also list the bitrate so people don't waste time downloading it. You should always use Lame encoder, VBR (higest setting) and Joint stereo. Or else at least 256kps. This is CD quality and millions will thank you

Anonymous said...

Man, the offering here was just what I was looking for. Then I read the comment about it being low quality.
I have to agree. Most snobbish audiophiles will shun these downloads. The previous poster is also correct in that Lame is the best encoder there is bar none and the settings mentioned produce CD quality music. You should also use EAC if ripping from a CD. Read about it and you will then know why. Yes, it would be terrific if you could mention what the bitrate and encoder used in your description. Unfortunately I will have to look elsewhere for downloads.
Thank you

Xtabay said...

I do know quite a bit about ripping CDs and records and use EAC. This though is one of my many found albums so what you see is what you get. IMO The whole hi fi snob thing is overdone.

Blind tests prove that there's not much difference to the average listener between 128 and 320kps. I'm an audiophile with top line equipment and this sounds great to me . I find the source is more important than the rip bit rate and Ace is one of the best.

rich sims said...

This record IS HOT! You can't beat those top notch session players Plas Johnson, Ernie Freeman, etc. They played with so may rock groups in the 50' & 60's.
The 128kbs sounds fine and I'm used to a lot of FLAC quality. Thanks for a great offering!

justme said...

Thanks for the album! It sounds great to me. If you posted it in a lossless format I would downloaded that copy but I am grateful for this copy. I don't have expensive equipment and I probably couldn't tell the difference in a blind test anyway. lol

I have quite a few low bit rate albums that I found in cyberspace that I really enjoy. Drive space has gotten so large and cheap that I always go for the highest quality rip just in case there is an audible difference. I'm not a "hi fi snob" just a "regular jerk" with available drive space.

I would have downloaded this even if you had posted the bit rate. Like I said, it sounds great to me and it's an album that I didn't have at all and I'm glad to get.

Thanks man!