The Alien Planet

The one that started it all. Well started something anyway. An unholy hybrid of electronica and instrumental music from the fevered imagination of legendary surf legend Sandy Groper himself. After a day surfing the beaches of France with the fearless members of the Surf Club de France rumoured to be the children of former resistance fighters and imbibing too much Swan Bitter and Absinthe (they were the legal ones anyway) Sandy came up with this concoction.

The Alien Planet

01. Jean Jacques Perrey - The Alien Planet
02. Nintendo Symphony Orchestra - Planet Corneria
03. Roger Roger & Nino Nardini - War Of The Planets
04. Marty Manning - Forbidden Planet
05. Jean Jacques Perrey - Music Of The Planets
06. Nik Raicevic - Blue Planet
07. Disco & Co - Silver Planet
08. Vincent Lopez - Swinging Planets
09. Louis And Bebe Barron - Main Title Forbidden Planet
10. Nintendo Symphony Orchestra - Planet Venom
11. Peter Thomas - Gods Form Strange Planets
12. Russ Garcia - Birth Of A Planet
13. Leonard Nimoy - A Visit To A Sad Planet
14. Frank Talley - Lonely Planet
15. Out Of This World - Interplanetary Journey
16. Jerry Goldsmith - Planet Of The Apes Main Title
17. Perrey-Kingsley - Carousel Of The Planets
18. Pierre Arvay - Le Planete Noire
19. Jerry Goldsmith - Escape From Planet Of The Apes Main Title
20. Joby Talbot - Planet Factory Floor
21. Delia Derbyshire - Planetarium
22. John Keating - Unknown Planet


Trustar said...

Welcome back Sandman. Your old blog was one off the first I had visited when I got the blog bug. I thank you for the inspiration and am looking forward to hearing what you have for us all.

You were missed.


Trustar Vibrations

Frisian said...

Hello Sandman
Thanks for the downloads, did add you to my section 'My Favorite Blogs'
Hope you don't mind...
On my blog you can find [in the future, I just started] all kinds of music but the main thing will be Surf Music

Greetings Frisian

Sandman said...

Thanks for your comments guys, Trustar your blog is one of my faves and Frisian I've linked your site which is great by the way - found a Looney Tunes album I didn't have.

George said...

Hi Sandman:
Welcome back! Like Trustar, yours was the first blog I was turned onto -- by Phil Dirt, and have been in blog bliss ever since. Your comps are the best, can't wait for reposts of some of the earlier ones-- hopefully -- you have still got them. Expecting some exciting rides from here.


Johnny Graveyard said...

good good, good, more asurf in the blogosphere, thank for a lots of surf music in your last blog

alex said...

Hey there, I'm just surfing the sites and enjoying the tunes, thanks again to everyone, your sites and classy taste have made this journey a true pleasure!


hax said...

hi there sandman. I used to pick a lot of nice surf albums from the old blog....
You've also been added to my list.

sexy said...


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