Al Casey - Surfin Hootenanny

Here's an album containing 35 tracks of the best of session guitarist extraordinaire Al Casey.

Al Casey was one fine studio musician. He worked as rhythm guitarist on many of Duane Eddy's biggest hits. It was the big guitar style he developed that Duane adopted. He also worked with Jody Reynolds, whose guitar instros were similar to Eddy's. His work with Duane was via producer/writer Lee Hazelwood, who also contracted him for this, his first solo album. Al was almost totally unfamiliar with surf when he agreed to do this album. There are some rough spots that demonstrate that, and a few numbers that are really outside the envelope if you subtract the reverb on his guitar. Sundazed has captured a couple of alternate takes, probably nineties remixes from session multi-tracks [3 or 4 tracks at best]. If you get past the Blossoms aka the K-C-Ettes ghastly vocalizing and the blues numbers, there are some real gems here. This is also the first time in stereo from the master tapes. The Stacy CD is from vinyl, or at least it sure sounds like it. (Phil Dirt Reverb Central).


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BRANDONIO! here!! I'am glad your posting again, i love what you've posted so far. this post {Al Casey}sounds pretty cool so far, I've heard some of his work on various comps that I have collected. this should be interesting. I also have really liked your own comps. well done indeed.

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Awesome post, Al Casey has style.

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Deed said...

Just came across this article. Al Casey would be the first to tell "Phil Dirt" that he's obviously got the wrong idea here. Al Casey would never consider taking credit for Duane Eddy's big sound...they were friends, they had distinct styles (listen to Al playing on "The Fool" or "Caravan", nothing twangy there, folks.)
Al did play piano, bass, and sometimes rhythm on Duane's records. "Rebel Rouser" was written and recorded before "Endless Sleep", by Jody Reynolds, was released, so no hidden influence there.
I don't see why Mr. "Dirt" has a problem giving credit where it is due. Al Casey, rest his soul, had a wonderful career as a session player, Duane Eddy has had a legendary career that has inspired generations of guitar players.

Just had to say it.

Gooch said...

Is there still a link to Al's Surf Hootenanny?

Gooch said...

I heard Al on a Pandora ration & would like to hear more. Is there still a link to the Hootenanny?