Helloween 1

Helloween 2

01. Messer Chups - Monster Forever
02. Satan's Pilgrims - Vampiro
03. The Ventures - The Swinging Creeper
04. Slacktone - Coffin Closer
05. Satan's Pilgrims -Haunted House of Rock
06. The Torpedoes - Batwing
07. The Special Agents - The Spectre Walks
08. The Bomboras - It Came from Pier 13 (Main Theme)
09. Speedball Jnr - Los Vampiros
10. Tremolo Beer Gut - Death Drome
11. Surf Trio - Wolfman
12. Gulag Tunes - Black Raven
13. The Apemen -Surf Dracula
14. The Torpedoes -The Mummy
15. Susan & The SurfTones - Ghost Rider in the Sky
16. Ultras - Death Tube
17. Surf Coasters - Boogie Man
18. Supertones - Paint It Black
19. Teisco Del Rey - The Hearse
20. Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks - Ghost Train
21. Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Fear Theme
22. Supersonicos - Deadly Mantis
23. Bambi Molestors - Invasion of the Reverb Snatchers
24. The Beat Tornados - Aloha From The Crypt
25. 85 Decibels - The Kraken
26. The Vivisectors - Ghost surfer
27. Ben Vaughn - (Psycho) End Title
28. Búfalos d'água - Monsters Theme
29. 3 Balls of Fire - Eight Miles Down
30. Aqualads - It came from the Sea
31. The Space Cossacks - Transylvanian Orbit
32. The Verbtones - Carnival of souls (Trip through the catacombs)

A co-host with Xtabays World, enjoy!


DaBoss said...

Hi Sandman:

Thanks to you and Xtabay for the comp. I enjoyed it thoroughly, it was fun, thrilling and in a few places chilling. Excellent. My favorite cut is Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited's Fear Theme. That pretty well sums it up. I'm surprised at the lack of independent Halloween comps out there, so far I have only found 3 done by bloggers and that includes the one Brandonio did at FCCl. Hopefully, more will spring up next week.
Thanks again.

sandman said...

Hey daboss I tried to leave a comment on your blog really good stuff from you lately you're on a roll!

brandonio said...

Sandman, you the man, man. I freakin' love what you dug up if you know what i mean. You and Xtabay have to be stabbing yourselves on the back right now. I mean patting yourselves on the back my bad. Is the Moon out tonight?I really love the 3 Balls of Fire track. You two creeps make the best comps. My head's off to you.

brandonio said...

I almost forgot the artwork for this slab of screams is absolutly Horrifying. You should be disgusted.

Trustar said...

Thanx to the taste Col. Sanders.

Always good to see goodies from you.