Falcons - Queen of Diamonds

Paying homage to the Ventures (as can be seen by the cover) and the Shadows here's Canada's Falcons. I love their laconic reverby style and what sounds like a 12 string guitar in the mix. There's a couple of bonus tracks as well including the sublime Shadowlands.

Thanks to Brandonio for sending me this album Link


C-500 said...

Hey Sandy!

Thanks for posting this one, and thanks Brandonio! for serving.
I haven't heard it yet, but I'm pretty sure it is good...just look at that cover! They don't do covers like they used too...Cheers!

Bernardo said...

You have a nice surfblog, I hope you post more. I have a special request. Is it possible to post the 4 British Guitaralbums from sandgropers.blogspot again. (with te see for miles) I hope so. Thank you.

Bernardo from Yesterdaysgold.blogspot