The W & G Story - Australian instrumental rock

Here's some very rare Australian instrumental rarities. W & G was a quaint little record label active in the 50s and 60s and showcasing Aussie artists particularly country and western and Hawaiian. It operated under the Astor umbrella which in turn was an offshoot of Pye an English company well known for the work of Tony Hatch.

Anyway the main interest in this collection is a nice number of tunes by the Thunderbirds an Aussie outfit that turned the Rockin' Rebel's Wild Weekend into a huge hit on the early 60's Aussie charts. Its every bit as good as the original and the rest of their stuff is good though the studio conditions were fairly primitive. The rip contains inner sleeve pics too.

Anyway a must have if you're into guitar and organ instrumentals. Git it here.

An xtabay presentation.


brujo said...

Thank you Sandman and Xtabay for this collection great to see all this material coming out and presented so well .It is also good to see you back Sandman I could always count on your blogs for gems that I was not aware of .

Jem said...

Outstanding collection! Thank You.

Anonymous said...

how do I get it, there is no obvios link

sandman said...

the link is there or should I say "here"